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  • Bev Matthews

Chilly Sunrise

This weekend I noticed the weather forecast for Sunday morning looked like it may have clear skies so I decided to try and catch a sunrise. I'm not generally a morning person and tend to veer towards sunsets rather than sunrise but needed to add a few more images to my stash. I woke up at 6.45, had a look outside, decided the sky looked good and proceeded to warp in thermal socks, coat, hat and my new fishing gloves! The thermal sock turned out to be not very thermal but the fishing gloves worked perfectly. Why fishing gloves I hear you ask? Well, the tops of the middle and index and the thumb all fold back to allow you to use your fingers without having to take the whole glove off. You can buy dedicated photography gloves but, as with anything that involves photography, they are triple the price!

My walk was well within the current guidelines as it was only 5 minutes from home but decided to take a flash of tea to warm up while waiting for the sun to appear. As I was walking I could already see the sky was starting to show a lot of colour and was glad I'd made the effort. I spent an hour positioning myself in varies parts of the field I was in (I have permission from the farmer to access it) and came away with a few images. By the end my feet were like blocks of ice so the footwear needs to be re-thought, but generally pleased with the mornings work. See what you think.


B x

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