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  • Bev Matthews

Winter light

As a mum trying to engage with her 12 year old, a walk with the dog is one of the best ways to do achieve that. So this afternoon we put on our wellies and a coat on the dog and went for a stroll just before the last of the light was leaving us.

As a photographer who is still very much learning, I'm beginning to appreciate the different light in different seasons of the year and have decided that the soft light you see on cold winter days is one of the nicest.

I'm extremely lucky in these uncertain times to live in an area that has stunning scenery on my back door and reasonably easily accessible even during a 'lockdown'. In my opinion, the Black mountains are the poor cousin to the Brecon Beacons but I've always preferred them. Maybe I'm biased though, as I grew up looking out at them every morning and they will always be home to me.

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